Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ode to My Nannies . . .

Happy Festival of Life in the Cracks Day! (It's a real holiday. If you don't believe me--look it up: http://library.thinkquest.org/2886/INDEX.HTM Please note we just missed National Crown Roast of Pork Day on March 7th--Dang!) Anyway, I don't even know what "Life in the Cracks" is, but sounds like a reason to celebrate to me. Woohoo!

And while I'm celebrating, I want to declare this day my own personal "Nanny Appreciation Day," as well. As most of you know, I have two nannies who job-share. They work simultaneously for me and for our next door neighbors watching both families' children (seven in all!). One works the morning shift and one works the afternoon shift. They split the "band" shift (one taking practices and one taking shows). It works very well. However, what you probably don't know is that while I've been keeping this blog to inform and entertain you--the nannies have been keeping a daily record of their own. Each day they enter the day's events in the "Nanny Notebook" so that they can inform the parents and each other of what happened during their respective shifts. It started out as a practical tool, however, it has evolved into mad-cap hilarity. So, just for fun, and for the first time ever, I am going to publicize some of my favorite entries with hope that you will appreciate how hard they work for us and how much they love our kids:

February 24th:

"Kids went down for a nap by noon. Finn was not happy about it but it could have been because I had just picked his nose trying to get what looked like a small planet consuming his left nostril which apparently included a river, as well, that runs south toward the mouth."

March 3rd:

"Finn had a HUGE diaper before bed. I think huge is an understatement. It was like a sick clown smashed a pumpkin pie in his pants. What a twisted clown!"

March 4th:

"Mac has accepted a position at the water company. All I am getting today is water works for no reason. Finn's diaper looked like an exploded fruit cake with still chunks of something. I did not go in for further investigation."

March 10th:

"Mac and his mighty flashlight have found people and a farm located up my nose with lots of chickens and cows and horses. As well, he likes to inform me of EVERYTHING Finn is doing: 'Finn is sitting down; Finn is shaking his milk; Finn is drinking his milk; Finn is wiping the floor; Finn is eating a peach; Finn is talking . . . it was quite hilarious at first. Not so much after the 50th informative statement."

So, this is just a small sample of the narrative that greets me everyday when I come home from work. But, even better than the narrative are the fun conversations I have with the nannies after their shifts end. They are so sweet to stay and chat and ask about my day and share what is going on in their lives. They really have become part of the family and I don't know what I would do without them. I know that this meager blog entry does not possibly do them the justice they deserve. I would love to tell you all about both of them but don't want to trade the peaceful existence they live during their non-working hours for the celebrity status they would surely attain if I told you everything about their many accomplishments, winning personalities, and general good characters. Suffice it to say they are perfectly matched to our family and they are just one more reason I am sure God exists.

And while I'm in a celebratory mood and lauding the people who help me most--I must say "Happy Birthday" to Liz. Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch zum Geburtstag!

So, thanks, as always for reading and I hope you'll celebrate everyday like a holiday--even if it is just "National Brandied Fruit Day" (Oct. 20th) or "Richter Scale Day" (April 26th).

And, Murphys be warned: August 8th shall be celebrated with gusto!!

With Love,

A Note From Aubrey Kate: my birthday happens to fall on "Look Up At the Sky Day" so make sure you all mark your calendars!!!
and the nanny's are totallyyy part of the family =]] i honestly don't remember life without them at all....


Terri said...

Your nannies seem very funny which make them part of your family, but in order to really be a per t they need a good ol' fashioned Archuletta challenge, which can very from making lists to writing poems and since Jeff was poetic I think it only fair that I challenge them that the next time they write a entry for the day they have to write their entire entry as a poem and if the next nanny can quite figure out what happened on the other nanny's shift then she better learn quick how to imterpret poems and I'll throw you a bone on this one- call Jim Archuletta for help on that, Kelly can give you his number. I will declare that day "National Nanny Poem Entry Day" makes as much sense as the rest. So hop to it nanny's and lets see what ya come up with. Didn't think that you could get job orders from little sister's of your boss that live hundreds of miles away, well that's becuase you didn't know that today was "National Taking Orders From Little Sister's Boss That Lives Hundreds of Miles Away Day." :)
With Love,Terri

Jim said...

Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zum Geburtstag! (Translation) Congratulations on your birthday!

Thought I'd help out all of the non-German speaking readers :)

Jennifer said...

I will take you up on your challenge! I must say that I am not very poetic, but I will at least try to rhyme!

michelle wait said...

I love the March 3rd entry. That's hilarious!

Terri said...

I can't wait!! :)

mka said...

Jennifer, here's a starter poem for Terri:
I'll take your challenge to write in rhyme.
You think all I have is lots of time?
With poopy diapers and snotty noses
I'm lucky to stop and smell the roses.
Writing a poem takes time you see...
I have to go now Mac's starting to pee.

Katie Clancy said...

Hi Kelly, I now read the blogs with only one hand (other hand/arm is holding John) so I can't usually comment... so know I am reading along and with you in spirit! Hope all of you are doing great! K