Wednesday, March 25, 2009

6 Months

Hi everybody! It's Aubrey today =]] Sorry there hasn't been a blog for a while. I would say the reason is because we're super busy and have much more important things to do than blog, but that's not really true because it is as boring as ever here =P Anyway, today is the 6 month anniversary of my dad dying. When my mom first pointed that out to me I kind of waved it off, but then I realized how much has changed in these short 6 months, and it sort of surprised me. So, since it will be more interesting than simply listing how things have changed, I'll tell you everything that my family did today, and then I'll tell you how this day probably would have gone down 6 months ago, if my dad's death had never occurred.

Today, 3/25/2009:

7-7:45 Everybody wakes up and gets ready for the day. The nanny, Jenny, made all of us kids and my mom breakfast and lunch and then as usual we all left for school and work.

8-3:30 I'm not really sure what everybody else does at this time of the day, I'm at school soaking in what little knowledge I get there =P

3:30 All the kids were home by this time. I had a friend over and ate some popcorn and animal crackers. The little kids played outside and watched t.v. while the nanny, Lauren made us all pasta for dinner. =]

5:40 My friend left and my mom came home. We all just sort of lounged around and did whatever we pleased for a while. Mom visited with the nanny and played with Finn while they helped Regan with a school project.

Later, (im not sure what time) my mom went to target with Regan and loaded up on food and diapers. haha. Then she came home and we all listened to music (tonight's choice: Lady Gaga) and ate special snacks that Mom and Regan picked at Target. Finn wore red beads and danced to "Poker Face" while Regan helped prepare the snack because she loves to cook and we had little cakes that you mix and bake in the microwave. Now it's 9:14 pm and the kids are all asleep, my mom is relaxing down stairs and I'm sitting in my room typing this blog and listening to music.

All in all it was a pretty fun day =]]

Here's what would have happened 6 months ago had our lives taken a different direction:

6:30-7:30 Everybody wakes up and gets ready for school, work, etc. by themselves.

7:45 We all leave for school and my dad stays home with Finn and works and cleans up around the house and what not.

8-3:30 Okay, this part hasn't changed, I still sit at school all day!

3:30 The kids all come home and we eat a banana for a snack. Then we do our homework, read, and go outside or do chores (I know this is what would have happened because this was our exact routine for as long as I can remember and it was hardly ever broken. haha)

6-7 My mom comes home and we all sit down to a dinner that my dad cooked together.

7-8:30 My mom and dad talked about their days with eachother and us kids do...., I can't even remember how we used to spend our nights....

9:00 Everybody is in bed by this time.

And that's how the day went. We were on a very strict schedule.

So you can see it's very different now! Also, before our house was ALWAYS spotless. It was like nobody lived here.... now it's kinda messy--at least my Dad would think so. But it's messy in a home-y way =]] Except on Monday's it's always clean! (much thanks to our housekeepers Jean Marie and Sarah!!!)

Yep.... that's all I can think of to write about, and Scrubs is on now, which I watch religiously, so byeeee!!!

Love, Aubrey


Mary H. Dodd said...

Dear Aubrey,
Thank you so much for blogging and telling us about how your days go in Wisconsin. I enjoy reading every detail, I sure wish they would challenge you a little at school. You are so bright and the world needs your humor, creativeness, and brains. That great big beautiful smile of yours really does make a difference in the world around you. Your house sounds so relaxing and peaceful--which we feel when we are there. Thank you again for your update, I do enjoy reading about your day. Talk to you soon. Love and prayers, Grandma Mary

Jim said...

I Love Lists...I make many of them...this was a great blog...kudos to you!

Terri said...

Thanks Aburey, It's nice to see your point of view of things and your day sounded fun and has made me hungry for a microwaved cake although when i say it like that a microwaved cake sounds kinda gross too. Anyway, I have also been inspired to have a dance party as well, although the boys get a little too rough during some of our dance parties and it's more like who can spank their butt the hardest. I guess when they turn 13 and go to school dances they'll figure out that that move is not so cool, their dates will dump them. Anyway, thanks for the GREAT blog. See ya soon!!
Love, Aunt Terri