Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Every other year or so our church has a father-daughter dance called the "Snowball." As soon as Regan got her invitation this year, she wanted to call Jeff's dad ("Grandpa Gary") to go with her. He happily obliged and here is a picture from the Big Event. We made a big production of it: A couple of weeks before the ball, I took Regan to dinner at "Firefly" which is one of our favorite fancy restaurants. (For those of you who came to the funeral, it was the same restaurant where we gathered for lunch after the burial). After dinner, we went shopping for a new dress and shoes. She settled on the one in the picture which looks absolutely adorable. (Note how cute her short haircut is!) Regan had a lot of fun and I'm so glad Gary was able to go with her.

The only other excitng news around here is that I got a new coffee maker over the weekend and they are installing a new microwave tomorrow. (Yay! I'm back in business)

Well, it's been a long week--and it's only Tuesday, so I'm going to keep this short and go to bed early for once. By the way --the time listed below (noting the exact hour and minute when these posts are uploaded) are entirely inaccurate and always have been. I don't know why--there seems to be no correlation whatsoever between the actual time and the time posted below. So, just for fun--I'll confirm that I'm posting this at precisely 10:04 p.m. CST (We'll see what gets reported below . . .)

Thanks as always for your interest and for staying connected. I appreciate it so much!



Gretchen Viney said...

Not that the actual post is disappointing (awesome picture!), but I was so hoping that "Snowball" was the name of the new cat. It's the perfect name for a fluffy feline.
Humane Milwaukee has lots of cats; I bet one of them would fit the Snowball moniker.

Peg Miller said...

Think the posted time is the time you BEGIN to type your blog? Did it take 41 minutes...start to finish? (I think I did the math right.)

I agree that Snowball would be great for a fluffy white kitten...or perhaps an albino dacsun.

Keep writing....

Peg Miller (Ann's Mom)

mka said...

I'm timing my post. I started to type this at 8:03 mountain time. Now I am going to post it and see what time it says. Now it's 8:04, and I'm going to hit publish your comment.

mka said...

Well, my little expiriment proved to me that it posts in central time. It's now 8:05

mka said...

It was 8:06 when I hit publish your comment the last entry, so on my end of the earth the time is pretty accurate. Now it's 8:08, and I'll quit reporting every minute. ha ha Mom

Mary M Clay said...

I love it, Myrna! Thanks for the timing tips...probably the best piece of advice on this comment page.
Kelly: Great blog! Mom and Dad had so much fun in Milwaukee with you all! I love the pic...Regan looks sophisticated and elegant - as usual! :)
Love you all,

mka said...

By the way, tell Regan is very pretty in the picture. I bet she had a great time.

Terri said...

Or you could get a black kitten and call it snowball. My freind has a black dog and it's name is Snowball, or you could get a black kitten and name is the very original name that mom gave her black kitten "Blacky".
Also, I'm glad Regan had a good time at her dance, it would have been funny if she and Gary had a routine rehersed and they performed it and their routine was set up like one from "The All American Dance Crew" with matching outfits and to a loud dancerave type song.
P.S. her hair looks adorable!