Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Big Day Arrives!

Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks to many friends and family my Valentine's Day was spectacular ! The kids made me some very cool, super huge tissue paper flowers. They also made me a poster-board sized card and they gave me a big heart-shaped box of candy. I got them a special breakfast (Cinnabons and bacon) and gave them each their own pint of special ice cream. (Hey, they like food.) I also let Jack and Regan have playdates with their friends (another big treat). Aubrey was supposed to go out of town with a friend, but was sick and unable to go, so she stayed home--poor baby. I also got a picture via e-mail of my friend Katie's brand new baby (which I know only coincidentally arrived on Valentine's Day, but it was a perfect present, nonetheless), and last but not least, I received a DOZEN ROSES from my friends Marc and Mike. It made my day!

Other than that, I spent the day doing laundry. Which reminds me . . . Finn appropriately spent his Valentine's Day with the love of his life--the vacuum.

Add Image This picture is from Christmas morning, just so you can see his vacuum (and his apron that declares the world's biggest understatement: "I [heart] cleaning!") However, he actually spent this morning vacuuming and he kept himself busy the entire time I ate breakfast (another gift!) by using his spray bottle and paper towels to clean off the shelves in the lower portion of our pantry. (It's a disease I tell ya!).

So, all in all we had a great day. It was really very pleasant. It may interest you to know that for our last Valentine's Day together (exactly one year ago today), Jeff gave me and each of the kids a CD filled with songs that he selected for their lyrics and meaning. He made an insert explaining why he chose each song and what they meant to him or what he hoped they would mean to us. Because it's Valentine's Day, and it's a good time to listen to them, I'll list them here. If you're motivated, I'm sure you can find them on-line:

1. La La Love You--The Pixies
2. Let It Be Me--Indigo Girls
3. Spin--Lifehouse
4. The Way I Am--Ingrid Michaelson
5. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own--U2
6. Umbrella--Rihanna
7. You're My Best Friend--Queen
8. For Your Babies--Simply Red
9. Beautiful Boy--John Lennon
10. Father and Daughter--Paul Simon
11. Sing Your Life--Morrissey
12. Friends--Led Zeppelin
13. Sweetest Smile--Luce
14. Move Along--All American Rejects
15. What a Wonderful World--Louis Armstrong

So, there you have it--Jeff's Valentine Soundtrack. Maybe you'll find some gems of your own on the list that you can send to a loved one. Jack and Finn are partial to number 9, and I suspect number 10 is 90 percent of the reason Regan wants a Golden Retriever (you'll have to listen to find out why . . . just be ready to bawl your eyes out).

But, this year, there was no sorrow. There were no tears. And thanks to so many of you, we kept the day well. Thank you, thank you, again for checking in.

And another, not-so-private 'Thank You' to Marc and Mike. Wow!



Michael said...

Glad to know that the flowers didn't get frozen in the cold WI weather! I got Marc some red tulips - they're popular here. Enjoy your Sunday! Mike

Mary M Clay said...

What a fun Valentine's weekend! Thank you VERY much for sharing the song list!! I can't wait to add them all to my iPod...