Monday, September 22, 2008

Day to Day

Kelly here, again. After sleeping for most of the day yesterday (from noon until midnight) without so much as changing positions, Jeff awoke at midnight and announced he was starving and wanted to eat. He turned on the T.V., ate some pudding and visited with me and the nurses. He told me he was no longer in pain--he wasn't even using the self-administered pain pump--and he slept easy through the night, even asking me to crawl in bed next to him at 4: 30 a.m. which I happily obliged.

This morning, he is conversant and alert. He ate a normal breakfast, has talked on the phone, and watched T.V. We have visited for most of the morning.

So, it appears that the weekend of lethargy and pain was cured by a marathon nap and a few more milligrams of Dilaudid.

Jeff requests that if you are planning to visit you bring some vanilla ice cream and a prayer for the whole family. He reminds you that he needs to keep conversations to a minimum, but otherwise is feeling quite well.



Katie Clancy said...

Great news! Jeff had said his goal is to rest up, and clearly it's good medicine. Don't know if you remembered, but there's chocolate custard we brought in the family freezer there. Keep building strength and pack on calories! Lots of love, Katie & Ed

Anonymous said...
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Judi M said...

Hi Kelly,
As an ND alum who receives all the emails, I know that you are getting lots of love and support from the Irish. I just want to let you know that a lot of good thoughts and prayers are coming your way from Marquette Law School as well!
Judi M (one of your former profs)

Scotty SOS said...

Hi Jeff and Kelly and the Dodds. Thinking of you daily and sending lots of prayers your way. Miss you lots!!

Scott (Aardvarks)

Kara Smith said...

Wow! Go glad to hear that you have had a good day! Thank you for sharing your joy!

mka said...

Remember when you were all kids and anything that was wrong with you was just because you were "tired and hungry", so to
quote Grandma Ruby, "Jeff was just tired and hungry." He slept, he ate, and now he feels better. Sage advice. Love, Mom

Ann R said...

Jeff & Kelly and Family,
Glad to hear your feeling better. I kind of got on the funny joke or saying kick so here is another to share with the kids.
"It is the first day of Fall" so go out and trip someone...get it ?

Have a great day, Ann (Tracy Mom)

SandyS said...

MKA forgot Mom's main cure all- Vicks. If sleep and food didn't work, then it was Vicks. So.... try vicks. But then NOBODY will want to be close to you without a clothespin on their nose. Glad to read that you are feeling better.

aesturtz said...

Glad to hear about your more upbeat day. What is it my brother-in-law said about medical care.... "better living through chemistry."
I did not get a funny story off to you the other day, so will try one now. You once wrote to us that our "jack stories" about our grandson, reminded you of your Jack. So our Jack story, which was a phone conversation about hunting dinosaurs, goes like this.
Grandma - "That sounds like a fun thing to do, Jack, can Grandma and Poppy hunt with you."
Jack - "Nawh, you're old."
Grandma - "What makes you think that we're old?"
Jack - "You have gray hair and wrinkles."
Grandma - "But I have all of my own teeth, does that make me younger?"
Jack - "No"
Grandma - "Why"
Jack - " It's just a matter of time."
The End.... Got to love those little ones named Jack
As always you are in our hearts and prayers
Ed & Annette

aesturtz said...
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TheRamFam said...

Hi Jeff,

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Last night Grace, my youngest, who is 7, was being very grumpy. I asked her why she was so grumpy and she said:

"I'm getting older, and things are changing, and I don't like most of the changes"

Out of the mouths of babes...

I hope and pray that your recent uptick is a sign of positive things to come. What tho the odds be great or small...continue to Live Like a Champion Today!

Laura Burgardt said...

Hello to the Dodd squad,

Great to hear with alot of sleep and pain meds, Jeff felt alot better on Sunday. Jacob (who's in Jack's 1st grade class and also tiger scouts) and I pray for you and your family nightly. Keep up the nourishment and you'll keep getting stronger each day.
Laura Burgardt

chris said...

Helloooo Team Dodd

Long time listener, first time caller. Jeff, I hope you recall me-I was a fellow aero with Krummen, Tom, Lyon, and the rest of those knuckleheads. There were a lot of late study nights with Rock and his Injun food, and Krummen with his milk obsession.

I just wanted to share with you how deeply I've been touched and inspired by you and your family. You, individually and collectively, embody love in action. You enrich us all with your example and your presence. Thank you. I've passed your blog on to several other people. The ND family is with you and loves you.

Chris Folk
crfolk at gmail dot com

hootiemac said...

Hello Dodds! I'm glad to hear Jeff is feeling better. Does Jeff like malted shakes? He should try mixing up a shake with vanilla ice cream and Whoppers chocolate syrup! YUUUMMY! Lindsay makes a mean one for being only 7 years old, so I'll have her make a special one for Jeff!

Scotty G