Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A sigh of relief

Hi! It seems the palliative care team has identified a pain regimen that works. I now take 40 mg of OxyContin (aka oxycodone) each morning and each evening to lay down a baseline of around-the-clock pain relief. If I feel like I need immediate relief of aches and pains that somehow break through the baseline dosages, I can take 2 - 8 mg of dilaudid (aka hydromorphone) as needed. I have followed this plan for pain management since last Thursday, and I'm glad to report that things are better indeed. I had several visitors in the house this past weekend and, thanks to the medication, was able to visit with all them.

Not much to report otherwise. I hope you're enjoying the waning days of summer. Autumn will be here before we know it.


Anonymous said...
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Terri said...

I am so glad that you found relief!!! I am also glad that you are able to manage your pain and have round the clock relief and a back-up method too just incase. Sounds like you have it covered. I'm sure having this medicine makes your whole outlook change, when you aren't always in pain. We will continue to pray for you, Kelly and the family.

Tim Klein said...

I hope things are going better, and that you're not in as much pain as you where.

You and your family are always in my prayers.


Scotty SOS said...

Hi Jeff..Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Every little bit helps! We'll continue to pray for you and keep you in our thoughts.

Jim said...

You know, I'm from the cowboy rich history area of Ogallala, Nebraska, and I've seen Lonesome Dove several times, so that kind of makes me an expert on everything, and I'll just throw this out there for ya! Back in the day, for pain relief a cowboy would lay in bed and drink whiskey day and night to relieve pain. This method of pain relief worked so well, that back then, one could get his leg amputated and not feel a thing. Now doctors give pills and things, why did they ever change? If it wasn't broken why fix it ya know! So tell Kelly to run out and get you a half gallon of Jack Daniels for starters and that in the morning you want chicory and sinkers for you and the young-uns. (that's coffee and biscuits in cowboy talk...remember I am an expert).

Runges said...

Dear Jeff, Kelly and the whole Dodd family- The summer has flown by and although we have seen the kids out and about all the time, our thoughts and prayers are with you, Jeff and Kelly as you try to find relief for Jeff.

Jeff, we really enjoyed the memories of your bright eyed Regan. LIke all your kids, she's a bundle of energy and enthusiasm.

We are glad to hear that we can help with the meals program. Although we have only assisted in small ways, please feel free to call and let us know about any other ways that we might be able to help out. All our prayers and love. The Runges.