Saturday, August 9, 2008

my summer!!!!

hey everybody! it's aubrey. first of all, im sorry i went to camp, like, a month ago and i still haven't written a blog (hey-i have a busy life). also, i was inspired to write because of some amazingly cute pictures of (who else...) Finn :)))

so to begin with, camp was really fun! it was 3 days and 2 nights, just like the winter camp i had gone to, and some of my friends were there. we went swimming, fishing, took a ride on a ship that was meant to be like a pirate ship (it was pretty cool), went tubing, had a dance, played sports, did an all camp scavenger hunt, and stayed up super late in our cabins eating marshmellows, chocolate, and vitamin water! the camp is broken up into groups by age and so i was in the 12 & 13 year old group of girls. we stayed in these tree houses that were awesome-they were actually in the trees and each one had a 2 spiral staircases and 4 bedrooms. my best camp friends and i picked one of the top bedrooms and we spent about half of the first day decorating it! we made a "chandelier" out of an umbrella and a bunch of flashlights, made a snack bar, and cleaned everything. then we hung beach towls as curtains, moved our beds around, and set up iPod speakers in the middle of it all. it was easily the coolest cabin ever although there was no actual electricity or air circulation! the only thing wrong with the camp was it's food, but we had plenty of candy, popcorn, and smores back at our camp site, so it didn't really matter.

**above is a picture of my 2 best friends from camp and me on the "pirate ship" from left it's me, katie, and ashley.

anyway, now that i've told you about camp, i would just like to say that Finn is getting more and more adorable everyday. he loves to walk around and play outside. his favorite toys are basketballs and soccer balls but he also likes to play on the swings, go down the slide, and get sprayed by the hose! it's fun to watch him play because he never gets tired!!

**i took the picture of him with the basketball the other day. by the time we got inside the white onesey (sp??) he was wearing wasn't white anymore and he was soaking wet from the hose!!

in addition to playing with Finn outside and going to camp, i've gone to partys, the jonas brothers concert, i've given regan makeovers, redone my room, gone to a very formal brunch with my dad at a french restaurant on the lake, and in 6 days, i'll be off to a lake house with my best friend for a week. i've also been designing dresses and (of course) taking lots of pictures!!

well, i think it's time to wrap up this blog so i'll talk to you later!

love and kisses <3

aubrey kate


Mary M Clay said...

Hey Aubrey!
Thanks for the update! I am so impressed with your interior designer skills...Would you like to decorate our place? :)
The picture of Finn is absolutely adorable...thanks for sharing it! I hope to see you soon!
Aunt MM

Terri said...

I would love, love, love to see some of your fashion designs. You'll have to post some pictures of your designs. Sounds like you had a great time at camp. Do you go in the sumer and then in the winter too? I have a website for you to look at, it's it should bring you to a tree house site. He designs crazy awesome tree houses. Get on the website and let me know if your tree house looked similar. your description made me think of those tree houses. Anyway, email me at

mka said...

That is such a cute picture of Finn. It's cute of you girls too. AARRR Matey. Is that a parrot on your shoulder? ha ha A parrot walked into my bar the other day and ordered a beer. He gave me $20 so I gave him back a dollar change. (what do stupid parrots know?) I said, "I don't get many parrots in here." And he said, "At these preices it's no wonder." Love, Grandma Myrna