Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Glasses

Hi! I got new glasses this week. I was tempted to choose something retro (see the first picture) and pick a pair of frames similar to what I wore as a grade schooler. I assume that was a popular style once. I'm sure I chose them at the time because they were the same style as what my Dad wore then. Thankfully, we've both upgraded our frames since then.

The second picture is of me and my mini-me, Finn. We put a pair of frames on him while we were picking out frames for me. He didn't like it a whole lot, but I really like the picture.

It's hot here this weekend (that means we broke 80 degrees). We're enjoying a lazy weekend before the kids have their last five days of school. Regan is at Abe's birthday party (Abe is the oldest of the Murphy boys who live next door; he and Regan are in the same grade at school). Jack is out on a "date" with Kelly. They went to see the latest "Indiana Jones" movie. Aubrey is staying cool in the basement, watching "Bella" the movie (it's very good--I highly recommend it) with her good friend Caroline. Finn is napping on the floor, and I think I'm going to go upstairs to do the same. I hope you're all enjoying an equally relaxing weekend as spring comes to a close.



Kara Smith said...

I seriously think we have a picture of you in those same frames as a child...your mom sent pics in Christmas cards to my parents. I agree that the new frames are a good choice. Great to see you smiling and enjoying all of the day to day stuff with your family.

I teach second grade in western Kansas and we got out May 23. It is so hard to believe that your kids are still in school. When must they start? Is it due to too many snow days?? Anyway...enjoy the summer activities as they all begin!

Mary M Clay said...
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Mary M Clay said...

Jeff: These pictures cracked me up! I never noticed how much you resemble Napoleon Dynamite's brother, Kip! Especially in this pic:

Katie Clancy said...

Jeff, wish we could say the same that spring arrived in IDaho. Unfortuately, we have snow. Nice frames, by the way. Jeffrey Dahmner is actually the visual picture that came to my head. Finn looks so cute! Talk to you soon, Katie

mka said...

I think you have a little "Elton Finn" there with you. I have a picture of Terri looking like Elton John also with big glasses on and pink roller skates. I need to get new glasses too. Myrna