Monday, November 5, 2007

Bad Blood

Hi! I received a call today from Dr. Joseph Clark at the Loyola Medical Center. The bad news is that my blood tests came back and did not show evidence of the antigen needed for the antiCTLA-4 trial he is conducting. The good news is that he referred me to another doctor in Chicago who is running an alternative antiCTLA-4 trial that has very few requirements so I should be able to get into it. I am going to contact that doctor tomorrow and see how soon I can start (assuming that I can). For anyone who's interested, here is a link to info about this new trial:

We'll keep you posted as we get more information.


John & Peggy said...

Have you seen this very interesting article?,0,4783224.story?track=mostviewed-storylevel

John & Peggy said...

Sorry, the whole link did not post. I'll try again.,0,4783224.story?track=mostviewed-storylevel

I can't seem to post the entire link. It is an article in the LA time, November 2, 2007 titled 'Sending his cancer a signal'

mka said...

I don't need to go to any link to send cancer a signal. I would just hold up a certain finger and say here's to you cancer. It might not cure it, but it would make me feel better. Myrna (mom)

michelle wait said...

well, dang it! But good to hear that there is another trial you can look into. Looking forward to hearing more about that. Thanks for the website link. Your tenacity is outstanding! You are such a huge example for the rest of us. Keep fighting! We're all fighting along side of you. Love you,

Katie Clancy said...

Hello there - Great talking to you the other day. Sorry I had been off the radar for a few postings. We're constantly thinking of you and you're in our thoughts and prayers. Lots of love... Katie & Ed