Sunday, November 18, 2007

Aubrey's a cheerleader

Hi! Not much to report. I go to Chicago on 11/26 to visit a doctor; that's when I'll hopefully get all the details about my next round of treatment. Until then, we're getting ready for the holiday weekend. Kelly's family, including her grandma Ruby, is coming to visit us for the weekend. It will be great to see them all and have them around for several days. I've been working the kids hard to get the house and yard clean in anticipation of their visit. They've done a terrific job keeping up with my orders! : )

I'm posting a picture of Aubrey in her full cheerleading glory because I thought some of you would be interested in seeing it. The second picture is proof of what can happen to you if you're a six-year-old boy who has a cheerleader for a sister. She and her friends think it's funny to dress him up, and Jack doesn't seem to mind. We tell ourselves he's too little to know better! : )

We'll post more after Thanksgiving.


PS If you have a hard time seeing a picture, double-click it to enlarge it.

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jjschuster said...

Jeff - seeing that picture of Jack dressed up made me laugh. Seems I remember a picture of three boys about that age all dressed up in old ladies clothes!