Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hi! We're currently living the high life for several days here in Colorado Springs. After Michael's wedding last Friday (top picture), we headed west for a little vacation. Heaven knows we needed one. The kids have had a great time, of course. Today we went to the Garden of the Gods, and they climbed all over the rocks (bottom picture). Swimming in a hotel pool and climbing on rocks: what more could a kid want from a vacation? : )

I don't want to spend a lot of time on the computer when I'm on vacation so I'm going to cut this short. I'll write more later.


PS. Aubrey just found out she made the cheerleading squad at her middle school. I think they cheer primarily for the school's basketball games. She had to try out to get on the team and one of her best friends also made the team. We're very excited for her and proud of her. She's a great girl!


michelle wait said...

What a fun time! Is the weather beautiful? It looks like it in the picture. Way to go Aubrey! I hope I get a chance to come see/hear you cheer. Love you all!

Kara Smith said...

What a beautiful family! I am so happy that you were able to go to the wedding and enjoy a little "normal" family time. Sounds like a beautiful trip. Colorado is so beautiful! Don't you feel so close to God in the mountains? It is just such amazing scenery!

Aubrey I am so proud that you are a cheerleader at your school! I hope you enjoy it!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

Mary Louise said...

Thank you! for including the family picture from Michael & Victoria's wedding! I was thrilled to hear you were able to stand up with him, Jeff... and even slow dance with your bride! :)
Congrats to Aubrey... and love to the 'on the road again' Dodd Squad.

Ann R said...

Was great seeing all of you at Michael and Victoria wedding. I had a great time and a lot of fun with Aubrey (Good dancers in your family). Glad to hear you made it in cheerleading Aubrey you will be great. Looks like the weather on your trip to Colorado is beautiful have a good time and will check in again later.
Later Ann Reins (Tracy Mom)

gardiner said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. So happy to hear you're in Colorado. Congratulations, Aubrey, on making the team! We're looking forward to a get together. We can't wait to see you! Brendan's Dad is visiting us this week in Peoria. We're off to South Bend for the BC/ND game today - the girls' first football game. Love to all & God Bless, Meaghen & Brendan

Jim said...

I've heard that Colorado is about one of the healthiest states on earth (especially around Boulder). Here is a list of 10 fun things to do in Colorado: #1 When Jeff's walking around with his cane, tell people he was running on a local trail,training for the Bolder Boulder 5k (which he won last year), and during his trail run a mountain lion attacked him. Jeff was able to fight him off by pressure points and striking techniques. The mountain lion escape death that day, but lost an eye. He's out there somewhere, out there hungry and plotting revenge..beware of the one eyed Mt. Lion (and then walk off quietly). #2 Since the area is so healthy, walk up to somebody and ask them directions to the nearest tobacco outlet store #3 Sit on a park bench or a sidewalk cafe and smoke (and don't remove the marlboro from your lips as you tell the police man to kiss your a**). #4 Go to a Broncos game, announce that your with the "Girls Gone Wild" film crew and start flinging beads into the stands #5 Go to the Coors brewery decked out in Milwaukee Brewers gear or Miller Lite gear #6 Walk around any public place with the kids attached to baby dog leashes (yes there are actually some people I've seen use those)#7 Go to a Colorado Avalanche hockey game decked out in Broncos attire, any time the Aves do somethings good, cheer for the "Broncos"like there's no tomorrow and turn to the fans around you every now and then and tell them what a life long fan you've been of the "Broncos Hockey Team" and through out terms like "hat trick" and "icing". #8 Go to a sports bar during a Colorado Buffaloes game, be the most annoying die hard Buffs fan in the establishment, but only refer to the Buffs as "my Buffies"..."Go Buffies, That's my Buffies, Touch down Buffies". #9 Sue the City of Denver on the basis that you visited their city and "had no earthly idea that their air was so thin and so dirty" The city of Denver directly gave you the flu and you get migraines everyday,and live if fear of leaving the house, (50 million should ease your suffering though). #10 Spray paint a "touch down Jesus" on the biggest part of the stadium wall at the Buffaloes field and "Weis is Nice" needs to be shaved into their Buffaloe mascot (I volunteer Aubrey to do it since she's oldest. Jack and Reagan can run distraction).

Katie Clancy said...

Congrats to the Dodd family on the wedding. Great picture! We missed you last weekend at our celebration but have lots of pictures to show! I hope you're having a wonderful vacation and that you've had great weather. We'll talk soon - lots of love, the new Mr. and Mrs. Scheer.

katie.elsener said...

Hey Jeff,
Your blog is fascinating. Thank you so very very much for your honesty and thorough information. And, Jeff, YOU KEEP FIGHTING. Our prayers are flowing your way.
Sincerely, Mark and Katie