Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Cycle Complete

Hi! Today is Day 42 of my 42-day Temodar chemotherapy cycle. That means the cycle is officially over. Most oncologist offices have a bell that patients can ring when they complete a cycle. Since I finished my cycle at home, I had to make do with a tiny crystal bell Kelly and I got on our wedding day. It may not make much noise, but I'm not going to miss this chance to celebrate!

Next week, I have a visit with the neurosurgeon and neuro-oncologist here in Wauwatosa to discuss my latest brain MRIs. I'm not sure where things go from there, but my assumption (based on a hope that the MRIs do not show the presence of new brain mets) is that I will be going down to Houston mid-November to discuss a new treatment for the abdominal lesions. Hopefully it will be something I can do at home.

I just received a new ankle brace at Physical Therapy yesterday. My old brace was a stock model that held my ankle at a 90-degree angle (the brace stabilizes my ankle and holds my foot up so that it doesn't drag when I walk). The new brace is molded to my exact leg shape and holds my ankle at an approximately 75-degree angle (in other words, it pushes my toes up). This actually pushes the toes out of the way so that I can swing my left leg directly forward when I walk rather than circumducting it (i.e. swinging it out to the side).

Since getting back from our little vacation, I have been holding down the house during the days. Our wonderful neighbors, the Murphys, let me borrow their nanny, Katie, to watch Finn during some of my PT and OT sessions. What a huge help! Katie has been their nanny ever since Abe (their oldest, who is in Regan's class) was a baby. She knows our kids well, and we know she is a great caregiver. We also have had friends and neighbors delivering hot meals several nights each week. This has been such a gift to us because I'm pretty much worn out by the end of each day and Kelly has enough other things to do when she gets home without spending a couple of hours at the stove. Plus, the food has been excellent! I don't know when I last ate so well!

I'm posting some pictures Aubrey and her friend, Caroline, took of Finn recently. The other picture is of Aubrey, Regan, and Jack before the Wilson School Fall Social. They dressed up as a Spice Girl, a punk rock girl, and a pirate respectively.



michelle wait said...

The pictures are great! A big HOORAY for the last day of chemo pills! I'll be anxious to hear about your MRI results, as I'm sure you are too. Love you and thinking of you lots!

katie.elsener said...

Congrats on finishing the treatment. I love the photos. Thanks so much for keeping us posted.
Prayers are coming your way.
Sincerely, Katie and Mark

mka said...

I love the pictures. All of the kids are so cute. I bet if feels so good to be done with chemo. I also like the sound of the new foot brace. I hadn't even thought about being able to swing your leg forward if your toes were up. Little things can help a lot. Still sending prayers your way. Love, Mom (Myrna)

Mark L. said...

Jeff. I just ran into Kerry Hannigan (can't remember married name). She told me what's been going on. I'm so sorry to hear about the struggle you've been going through. But I know you, and if anyone is strong enough and positive enough to get through this, it's you. We will keep you in our family prayers.

Ann R said...

Jeff and Family,
Glad to hear your done with that round of treatments. I think I heard the bell ring even if it was a little bell. Your a great inspiration of courage and I think of you all the time of how much you have gone through. You go !! And I admire you for what you have taught me. Your doing so good and working so hard.
I am sure you guys have a big week with Halloween coming up next week it looks like you guys have a house full of Rockers !! Very cute. Finn looks like he likes taking pictures maybe he will be a model?
Take Care
Ann Reins (Tracy Mom )