Friday, June 11, 2010

Something I Believe In

Hi All, (and by "all" I am probably only talking to myself and my step-mom and the occasional straggler who is routed to this blog in a misguided search for melanoma information . . .)

Today I have a new post. Actually, it comes from Aubrey. To the left is a speech that Aubrey wrote for school. (Click on the image to enlarge it). The assignment was to give a speech about something she believes in. So, this is what she said.

I thought it was definitely "blog-worthy." It's been nearly two years since Jeff died and there have been many blog-worthy events . . . I promise to do a Big Fat Update soon. Until then, take care and Believe in Sunscreen!!


Kara Smith said...

Wow, what a wonderful "speech"! I only wish I could have heard her speak it! I can almost hear where she would have emphasized particular parts!

You have an amazing daughter!

Sean Stevens said...

Aubrey is wise beyond her years, as well as being very well-spoken (written).

Kathie green said...

I love her honesty. It made me sad because it seems a tough punishment to loose a Dad and to know that perhaps it was preventable. You have a wise and wonderful daughter - her Dad would be proud. So glad to see the update - followed Jeff's journey and my husband also has stage 4 melanoma to the brain and is nearing the end of his journey. Blessings to you and your family.

Regan Dodd said...
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Mary M Clay said...

Thank you for the post, Kelly! I love the speech and I love seeing a new blog! :)

Love you all,

Katie Clancy said...

Aubrey is a skilled writer just like her parents. I've admired your kids and how all of you made it through those times and continue to with grace, strength and class. Lots of love K

Regan said...

I loved Aubrey's speech! I totaly understood her. He was my dad too and loosing someone that close to you is like having you heart ripped out for good. Many people have been saying "You have an amazing daughter!" But I can say

"I have an amazing sister!"

Mark LeRiger said...

I don't know if anyone still visits, but I haven't forgotten about Jeff. Such a great guy. His daughter's letter was tear-jerking. I hope the family is doing well. We'll see Jeff again.

Mark LeRiger

sarah's worm said...

This speech is truly amazing. Aubrey used her pain, found tremoundous strength in her words and became a voice ... a powerful, eloquent and perfect voice for prevention.

I would love to be able to share this speech. Please let me know how I may be in touch with you to discuss this.

Lincoln, NE