Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bunch of Nothing

Sheesh! I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. I don't even know where the time has gone--mostly work and band and baseball, I guess.

Jack's team is still in the little league tournament. If they win their next game, they will play for the Championship. The Murphy boys were admiring Jack's team tonight as "the best team in the league" which is particularly flattering because the Murphy boys know baseball. I mean . . . they REALLY know baseball, so I'm glad that Jack has had the chance to play on such a great team and have the whole experience. He's not a bad little hitter, either.

Since July 2nd, I've had 5 band shows and one band practice. Whew! The weekends have been totally packed, but the shows have been fun and well-attended. The rest of my time has been consumed by work which is, thankfully, busy.

I don't have anymore band shows until August, so I'm glad things will slow down considerably for the next couple of weeks. I'm soooo tired.

One highlight of the past week was that Jeff's sister, Mary Margaret, came to visit along with Jeff's first cousin, Katrina. We ordered in and had a fun dinner at home with the kids. Mary Margaret made Pina Coladas!

Otherwise, there are really no recent highlights to report. Finn still has his mohawk. "Little Daddy" is still alive. And the kids have all been busy with sleepovers and play dates and birthday parties and bike rides. Summer will be over so soon.

I am still weeks behind on e-mails and bills and appointments and phone calls and laundry. Ugh!

But, I'm sure next time Pina Coladas will not be the highlight of my blog entry. I feel some good stuff coming on . . .

Until then, take care and thanks as always for continuing to care!

Kelly et al.

(P.S. The nanny brought the kids to see one of my outdoor shows. Finn wanted his Mommy so I held him while I sang a song. A funnier picture would have been of his expression as the nanny took him back from me so I could finish the show . . . "Moooommmmmyyyyy!!!!!").


Katie Clancy said...

Nice! Got your message today, will call back soon. Was worried about you. Wondering, did you have tapas with those pina coladas? Then it is a true party...:) Ed takes his CFP Fri-Sat this week. Wish him luck!

Mary M Clay said...

I love the picture, Kelly!! Finn looks adorable...and scared! :P We have to get together again soon for Pina Coladas and vino...Katrina and I had a blast!
Talk to you soon!

btstudley said...

Kelly, I saw a picture of Katy Perry and she had on bright green eye shadow and she looks kind of like you. So, I think that you could pull off bright green eye shadow for one of your shows, try it and take a picture for me.

btstudley said...

Also, this is Terri, for some reason I am logged in under Ben's account. So, the comment about green eye shadow if from me not Ben. Hee, hee!

mka said...

Don't let Terri kid you, Ben can really rock some bright green eye shadow, and he thinks you can too. ha ha ha ha Mom