Saturday, December 13, 2008


Sheesh! Has it already been a week since my last post? I think this is the longest I've ever gone between posts-so I apologize (although, on second thought, I haven't exactly heard anyone complaining . . .).

We've all been extremely busy this week with work and school and life in general. I helped one of my partners with a trial that spanned three days this week. We got an excellent result (that is, we "won" if there is such a thing as "winning" in divorce court), but it was very labor intensive and usurped most of my evenings and all of my work week. Other highlights of the week included Christmas Concerts at both the middle school and elementary school; my first office Christmas Party at my new firm; a birthday party for Aubrey; a sleep over for Regan; Regan's first big win of the basketball season (she even made two baskets and one free-throw--Way to go, Regan!). It's been as busy as can be and the weekend is only half-over . . .

In other news, Finn is really getting into Christmas. His first order of business when he wakes up--after eating--is turning on the lights on the Christmas tree. He has also discovered snowmen and points them out whenever he sees one. He can almost say "snowman"--his attempts are very cute and quite intelligible. Finn's other big news this week is that he now brushes his own teeth and likes "practicing" on the Big Boy Potty. He mostly just sits on it with his clothes on, but he sits on it naked before his bath and makes sound effects even though nothing's happening yet. He's very proud of himself.

As for Regan, her big news is not just limited to her success on the basketball court. She was specially invited by our neighbors to help them pick-up their new PUPPY. The neighbors' children are grown, so they have said that they would like our kids to help acclimate the puppy to children. My kids are absolutely beside themselves with excitement. They have been begging for a dog incessantly ever since Jeff died. They have even gone over my head to the Big Man, himself--no, not God, and, no--not Jeff: They have taken their case to Santa. But, now that the neighbors have a new puppy, "Santa" can wait at least one more year . . . (whew!).

In the meantime, I want to thank you for reaching out to us with all the Christmas cards you are sending and the deliveries of treats, etc. I wish I had the time and energy to reciprocate, but I think I'll take a raincheck on sending Christmas cards this year and post something to the blog, instead. I know--it is lazy and impersonal and a wholly inadequate response to the outpouring of love and good tidings you send to all of us, so I hope you will be forgiving and keep us on your mailing lists.

Well, given that this week was a blur, I don't know what else to write about so I won't ramble on. I can't promise you'll be so lucky next time. Until then . . .



Terri said...

Well, If Finn is a clean freak as he seems to be developing into, with the swiffer and dust pan and what not then it's logical that he should be your easiest child to potty train, not because he is the forth child but, because he is indeed a clean freak and does not want "dirty" pants. So, Kelly your work may be cut out for you with Finn, he may just potty train himself and save you the effort. Maybe that will be your Christmas present. :)

Marc S said...

Don't feel guilty about lack of Christmas cards ... I don't think I've ever managed to get a single card sent out in my adult life. I even neglect our blog for the most part (Mike does all the posting!)

I should mention though that I finally played the 'time capsule' video over Thanksgiving weekend. We were so young, so hopeful, and so BORED! Instead of Christmas cards maybe I'll put together a highlight reel ... sort of digital Nyquil Before Christmas sleep aid (yes, I actually fell asleep).

Cheers, ... Marc

Johnny said...

Don't worry about the cards!
(I would not get one anyway!)
Keep your kids close this Christmas, I think its gonna be a tough one for you and me...but I know we can do it!

Deirdre said...

Kelly, about the Christmas cards. In Ireland, if there is a death in the family, then NO Christmas cards are sent that 1st Christmas after the death.
Your readers, friends & family are just glad to read the blog, and understand how busy you are.
A Very Merry Christmas to you and the children, and a special kiss to my Finn Mac Cool....:)

ReneOlms said...

We'll be thinking of all of you this Christmas and in 2009. Keeping you in our prayers and always asking Jeff and Travis to keep an eye on things. Hope you stay well and keep enjoying & celebrating every day. Thank you for taking the time to blog, it's been good to get to know you even more.

May you and the kids have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

We Love you - Tom, Renee & Tony