Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Reiki Review

Hi! The wife of one of Kelly's partners scolded her last night because I wasn't updating my blog often enough, so I promise I'll try to do better. : )

I had my introductory Reiki session today. Reiki is an oriental healing practice that focuses on the body's energy points and the flow of energy between these points. What does that mean? Basically, I laid on a table for about an hour while the Reiki master (that's really what he's called) went around my body and held his hands either very close to or directly on certain parts of my body: the top of the head, the ears, the solar plexus muscles, the shoulders, etc. He told me in advance that I might feel a variety of sensations during the session, and I think I did. When he was holding his hands near the top of my head, for instance, I had a sensation of pin pricks. The Reiki master said that he felt energy leaving my body when he was holding his hands there. He said it was probably caused by the release of toxic energy related to my whole brain radiation.

That sounds a bit crazy, and I'm still not quite certain what I think about the idea of "energy points." Reiki practioners make it very clear that Reiki is not a religion, and the Reiki master tried to use the concept of quantum physics to explain the process to me (I know nothing of quantum physics, so that part was lost on me). But I think I came away with a positive impression of the entire process because Reiki reminded me of the "laying on of hands" that happens so often in religious ceremonies.

In the past year or so I've discovered the power of the "healing touch" (that's what I call it anyway). I first noticed it when I went to Houston and spent time with Dr. Legha. He frequently would put his hands on my shoulders, on my back, on my arms, and on my legs when he would visit with me. It seemed to alleviate my stress while forging a positive bond between patient and doctor. The Reiki session had the same effect. For that reason, I think I will schedule at least a few more sessions just to see what happens. (NOTE: A Reiki master can perform Reiki without touching the other person, but personally I think it would be much less effective.)

In other news, Kelly had her first performance last night--in Dunnigan's Pub in the nearby town of Erin (how's that for a St. Patrick's Day celebration?)--with the reformed Rabid Aardvarks. Maybe she'll post a blog sometime to explain how that came about. I'm happy for her because I know singing is something she enjoys so much.

Last but not least, Finn finally found a solid food he likes: my mom's banana bread. He has obstinately refused to eat solid foods and has thrown up every time we try to introduce some to him. Even Gerber's baby spaghetti made him gag. But this past weekend, Kelly gave him a bite of my mom's banana bread and he loved it. I can't blame him. Anyone who has had my mom's banana bread knows it is a masterpiece of baking. There simply is no comparison between her banana bread and the rest of the competition. What made the situation funny for everyone, however, is that it made us think of how much Jack loves her banana bread and how, in the period between ages two and five, Jack would hold the same conversation with my mom every time he talked to her on the phone, which was at least once per week.

"Hi Jack!" she would say in greeting.
"Can you bring banana bread?" That was his response. Every time.
"Sure, Jack," she would answer, just as surely. "I'll bring you banana bread."

And then Jack would hand the phone to Regan or Aubrey or me. That was it; the entire extent of the conversation. All he cared about was the banana bread. It looks like Finn is heading down that same road. I can't think of anything that would make a grandma happier.



Katie Clancy said...

Hi Jeff, Thanks for the Reiki update. SOunds interesting. The power of human touch cannot be understated! As you know, Kelly and I like to indulge in massage, and I find it physically and emotionally healing - so I am a huge believer. It is a nice compliment. I can't wait to hear Kelly's story - Kelly, please drop the blog a line so we can enjoy too. I had to laugh when I heard about the banana bread - I remember that story about Jack and I am not surprised that Finn likes it too. I personally have tried Mary Dodd's bread and remember how good it was. I never been able to replicate it myself. (I found a bad rip off recipe on epicurious - fat free). Hello to all the Dodds, and Happy Easter.

Jim said...

Reiki huh, we watch A TON of Naruto at this house and Reiki sounds very similar to Chakra that is the very essence of any ninja in the Naruto cartoons. It is a very powerful energy that can increase ones power and can cause miraculaous healing. Some ninjas even specialize in the healing chakra and are called medical ninjas. (Bare with me here) there was one episode that reminded me of what you went through with your recent Reiki Master. Kankuro had been poisoned by a master puppet ninja and had about less than a week to live. Kankuro was found by his ally ninja and taken back to a safe location. Kankuro lay upon a table and Sakuro performed medical jutsu on him and saved his life. Kankuro would just lay there on a table dying and Sakura would hold her hands above certain areas over Kankuro and slowly heal what damage the poison had done and then began to even pull the poison out from his body and dispose of it. This was a long process, and there was doubts if she could save him, but in the end she saved him and even develope and a vaccine so that she could be safe when battling the same puppet master ninja in the future. If you're into Reiki, you must immediately get into watching Naruto, especially if you have lots of time to watch. Because if you start this late, there are probably almost 200 episodes and once you watch one, you'll be forced to NEED to watch the next one, and IT EVER ENDS!

michelle wait said...

Hey Jeff! I'm very interested in hearing what you think about Reiki after a few more sessions. It sounds like a powerful thing. The story about Finn is hilarious! Mom and Dad are coming to visit this weekend. Mom asked if I needed her to bring anything. One of the only things I asked for was a loaf of banana bread. It's so good! Finn knows good food :)
Love you all,

-Can't wait to hear about Kelly's Rabid Aardvark reformation.

Terri said...

To comment on Jim's comment. Naruto is the main character in that cartoon and he never wins a battle and he sucks! Sure he has the will and the drive but when push comes to shove Naruto ALWAYS fails. If you want a good laugh then go ahead and watch. I'm laughing as I write this. And from what I have heard laughter is the BEST medicine! Tootles.
P.S. No offense Jim. :)

aubrey said...

ha. i've never seen naruto. i'll have to watch it some time. just kidding. what's hilarious though is that "Chakra" is what Reiki masters call the energy points or pressure points or something in actual Reiki! anyway, i totally remember the conversations between jack and grandma. my dad was not even exagerating-that was EXACTLY what jack ALWAYS said, never fail. and i think he still does sometimes! anyway, i should probably go, but hope to talk to you all soon!
p.s. master puppet ninjas are going to haunt me in my sleep now. seriously. i'm going to need Chakra therapy or Reiki or whatever!!

Jim said...

First off Terri, Naruto doesn't lose all his battles, he wins almost everytime. There are times when he's down and one would think it a hopeless cause and that he's lost the fight, but he doesn't know when to quit and he ends up winning against all odds. Naruto defeated a full strength Kabuto with his Rasengan, he defeated Neji once all of Naruto's chakra points had been blocked, he defeated Raiga even though Raiga defeated all and had lighting armor, he defeated Kabuto and Orochimaru at the same time, he has control over the nine tailed fox, he defeated Gaara in regular form and he also defeated Gaara's Kyubi Racoon after it took completely over. There's no better champion and symbol of hope more so than Naruto(and maybe Rock Lee).