Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A New Life

Hi all! Kelly and I are excited to announce the birth of Finn Patrick Dodd on May 15, 2007. Everything went well, and Finn is absolutely perfect. He weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and was 21 inches long. He wailed and wailed nonstop for about 45 minutes after he was born, but then he calmed down and has been very sweet and calm ever since. That's pretty amazing when you consider that the kids were at the hospital yesterday, holding him and petting him and kissing him nonstop for four hours. He never cried once!

Finn's birthday was not a surprise. Kelly's doctor scheduled a C-section several weeks ago. That turned out to be a good thing because the doctor discovered during the delivery that Finn's umbilical cord was tied in a knot. We would have ended up with an emergency C-section if we had tried to deliver him the old-fashioned way. After our experience with Jack, we definitely believe a planned surgery is much better than one that catches you by surprise.

Kelly is doing well. She has been up and moving around already. The doctor said she'll probably go home Friday or Saturday. Kelly's mom, Myrna, flew into town yesterday to join us. She wasn't able to join us when the other kids were born, so we're glad she's here this time around. Aubrey, Regan, and Jack are totally excited about our new addition. And Regan has already started praying that we have another baby! I know they're all going to be big helpers in the weeks and months ahead.

We're so happy to have this joyful moment in our lives right now. It's just what we needed.

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Terri said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Glas to hear that all is well and we can't wait to see Finn in person. So, get ready cause Nolan can give Regan a run for her money in the mothering babies department:)
See you all soon. Love Terri